Quick Low-Waste Tips

1. Buy less. The more items are purchased the more industrial waste, the more pollution. Luckily, many people are moving towards minimalism, multi-use items and DIY items. By reducing our intake of products we can all do our part. 2. Buy from reputable / local companies. Many companies are from / use materials from overseas. This is not inherently bad but waste is created when the … Continue reading Quick Low-Waste Tips

Why Avoiding Straws Will Not Save the World

Sustainability is a term that’s thrown around incredibly often these days, but the actual meaning can often seem a bit ambiguous. “Today, it refers to the need to develop the sustainable models necessary for both the human race and planet Earth to survive,” according to Sustainabilitydegrees.com. This may leave you asking, “What place do I have in all of this?” You’ve seen it; the 500 … Continue reading Why Avoiding Straws Will Not Save the World