Interview with Julia Ballenger

Julia and I talked using your hands when you can’t trust your eyes, the women in her work and the people that inspire her. Julia Ballenger is a ceramics artist living in San Francisco. She teaches her craft along with the personal work she makes. Where are you from? I am originally from Boise, Idaho but live and work in San Francisco. Why did you … Continue reading Interview with Julia Ballenger

San Francisco’s 9 Most Fun & Unusual Things To Do

San Francisco has all sorts of things you never knew existed. While in the city this weekend I took part in an eating contest, navigated a labyrinth, and even visited a burned down bath house. 1. Have you ever had a taco made with sourdough bread? I didn’t think so. Boudin Bakery was established back in 1849 by the the son of a French baker. … Continue reading San Francisco’s 9 Most Fun & Unusual Things To Do