Cookies for the Holiday Party

Raspberry Thumbprint Sweet, tart but not too heavy. Make the dough, press your thumb into the center and add your favorite raspberry jam. Snowball The secret to a good snowball cookie is the nuts! They are also made with a more dry, crumbly dough than most cookies and are coated with sugar right out of the oven. Peanut Butter Kiss Very yummy and very easy. Bake … Continue reading Cookies for the Holiday Party

Perfect Presents

Add a little extra something to your presents this year! Include pine sprigs, ornaments, ribbons and even lights. How to do it: Wrapping Paper, Satin, Ribbon, Bell OrnamentHow to do it: Wrapping Paper, Twine, Pine Sprig, Pinecone, Hot Glue (to hold it all together) How to do it: Wrapping Paper, Twine, Cookie Ornament How to do it: Wrapping Paper, Tinsel, Ball Ornaments How to do … Continue reading Perfect Presents

Local Gifts (Pennsylvania)

As many of you may know I live in Philadelphia and I am constantly on the hunt for local goods. If you live here, even if you don’t you should check out some of the best local goods you can get! Walking Olive Felted Dogs $25-$45, Rachael Amber Patches $7.50, Room Shop Vintage $12-$25, Clarissa Eck Ceramics $30-$65, Heavy Slime Shirts … Continue reading Local Gifts (Pennsylvania)

DIY Felt Envelope Advent Calendar

There are many ways to create your own advent calendar. One slightly more time consuming way is a hand-sewn version. For this year I thought little felt envelopes would be cute. Plus, felt is cheap and easy to come by. Materials Red Felt White Felt Red Thread Stamp and Stamp Pad (Optional) Velcro dots (Optional)   Directions Cut the red felt into a 18″ x … Continue reading DIY Felt Envelope Advent Calendar

Sneak Peek: CuRated

  It has been weeks and weeks since I have posted… but there’s a reason! I have recently began work on a goal of mine that I have had for a very long time. I am creating an independent magazine! The magazine is called CuRated and it features articles, interviews, paintings and more. Below I’ve included a sneak peek of the first issue. While I’m … Continue reading Sneak Peek: CuRated