Interview wit Fleisher Art Memorial

Fleisher Art Memorial is the oldest community art school in the country. They have been offering tuition-free and low-cost art classes since the late 1800s. Today, they continue this work and offer more programs than ever. I talked with Communications Director Dominic Mercier about the present and future of Fleisher. Photo courtesy of Dominic Mercier How was Fleisher started? Sam Fleisher’s family owned a wool … Continue reading Interview wit Fleisher Art Memorial

Interview with the Career Wardrobe

Career Wardrobe is a business located on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. They specialize in second-hand professional attire with the purpose of helping people get back to work. I recently stopped by to do a little shopping and talk about what makes this store so special. When and how was the business created? We are turning 25 years old this fall. We were founded by … Continue reading Interview with the Career Wardrobe

Interview with Philadelphia Bikesmith

Philadelphia Bikesmith is a bike shop in the Fairmount neighborhood, they not only sell but service all types of bikes. I talked with both owners, Max and Lucas separately. I asked both the same questions but neither heard the other’s answers. It was interesting to see both similarities and differences but it was clear that the two and their staff work as a great team. … Continue reading Interview with Philadelphia Bikesmith

Interview with Bar Hygge

Bar Hygge is a charming restaurant and bar on Fairmount Street. They are known for the comfortable atmosphere as well as their brewery (seen here behind vintage windows). I talked with two of the owners and bar manager to see how they pull it all off. What is your backstory, what made you decide to open a restaurant? Julie: This is actually our second restaurant. … Continue reading Interview with Bar Hygge

Interview with Germantown Kitchen Garden Farm Stand

The Germantown Kitchen and Garden Farmstand is a functioning half-acre farm in East Germantown. The garden is completely organic and offers anything from flowers to herbs. As a frequent guest of the farmstand I was happy to finally sit down to talk with the owner, Amanda Staples, to discuss urban farming and all the challenges and joys that come with it. Can you tell me … Continue reading Interview with Germantown Kitchen Garden Farm Stand

Interview With the Frosted Fox Cake Shop

The Frosted Fox Cake Shop makes anything from wedding cakes to cookies. The Mt. Airy storefront is warm, welcoming and best of all, most days you can walk in and actually meet the owners Jennifer Low and Sean Williams in person. Recently I had the chance to talk with Sean Williams about the shop and what made he and Jennifer start their own business as … Continue reading Interview With the Frosted Fox Cake Shop

Interview With Lucky’s Last Chance

At Lucky’s Last Chance, a vintage-inspired restaurant and bar in Manayunk, owner Chris Barnes and his team offer small-town service and some very unique food and drink options. I asked Chris a few questions and he did not disappoint. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business. How did you come to start Lucky’s Last Chance? The one thing that I found missing … Continue reading Interview With Lucky’s Last Chance

Interview With Munbeibi Creator, Hannah Louise

Hannah Louise and I talk Japan, her love for stories and how anything can be sentient (even something like a used coffee cup). Munbeibi is a line of playful ceramics created by graphic designer Hannah Louise. She lives and works in both Vancouver and Sapporo, splitting her time between the two. Her work with the “Moon Babes” is based on a story of her own … Continue reading Interview With Munbeibi Creator, Hannah Louise

Interview With Edward Del Rosario

I found Edward Del Rosario’s work in an old art magazine a little while back and subsequently fell in love with his work. During our interview we talked about his post post-colonial style, some of his favorite artists and his goals for the future. Edward Del Rosario is from St. Louis, Missouri and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He received his BFA in … Continue reading Interview With Edward Del Rosario

Interview With Nicole Ruggiero: Part Two

Nicole Ruggiero and I sat down a few weeks ago to discuss her upcoming project “How the Internet Changed My Life”, her new column for vice and her thoughts on instagram star @lilmiquela. Photo Courtesy of Abi Laurel with makeup by Toshi Salvino Nicole Ruggiero is a 3D artist living and working in New York City. Her work is heavily technology centered and its connection … Continue reading Interview With Nicole Ruggiero: Part Two