Backlog: Interview with Sarah Lasater

I spoke with Sarah Lasater some time ago about her brand name, style and inspiration. Sarah Lasater is an illustrator living in Washington D.C. Her artwork often offers soft colors and very cartoon-like people to appeal to the optimist in us all. I wanted to first ask how you came up with your name? “Sarlis” as a brand name came about as a sort of … Continue reading Backlog: Interview with Sarah Lasater

Backlog: Interview with Andrea Manica

Last year I talked with Andrea Manica about routine, astrological signs, and her process. Andrea Manica is an illustrator in Toronto. She hold a degree in Illustration from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her artwork is often seen in murals and signs and includes very natural, simplistic themes. What’s your sign? Cancer, Gemini rising. I can be a little bit more social and … Continue reading Backlog: Interview with Andrea Manica

Interview With Liv & Dom

In this interview I asked Liv & Dom a bit about being twins, their kitty and their average day. Liv & Dom are twins from Sussex who create fun and imaginative ceramic ladies. These ceramic ladies are popular for their sassy poses and multiple uses as anything from incense holders to magnets. What is it like being twins? Can you really talk telepathically? As twins … Continue reading Interview With Liv & Dom

Interview with Ashley Ronning

Risograph, college and wobbly guitars; Ashley Ronning opens up about her life and work as an artist. Ashley Ronning is an illustrator based in Brunswick, Melbourne. She studied graphic Design at Shillington College and is the creator of Helio Press, a risograph publishing project. She has worked in freelance design as well as prop making and set dressing. Her artwork is incredibly colorful and often … Continue reading Interview with Ashley Ronning

Backlog: Interview with Talia Migliaccio

In this interview Talia Migliaccio and I talk spirituality, travel and connection. Talia Migliaccio is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Colorado. Her art work often feature natural figures and shapes. Do you think you fit into the stereotypical Colorado archetype of spiritual? Are you a spiritual person? My work is absolutely rooted in a spiritual lens. But it also all just depends how one … Continue reading Backlog: Interview with Talia Migliaccio