Make it Yourself Monday: Body / Facial Scrubs

These two scrubs combined only use a total of three ingredients; oil, white sugar and brown sugar. They are so so easy to make yet actually work pretty well as exfoliaters. I remember a while back one of my friends said that she was told that you should never ever use sugar on your face. Now, years later, I decided to look into that. Using … Continue reading Make it Yourself Monday: Body / Facial Scrubs

Make it Yourself Monday: Tortillas

This week begins the first post of my new series: Make it Yourself Mondays. This means that each week I will be sharing with all of you one of the things I make from scratch. A while back when I was just starting to research these topics I’m interested in (i.e. sustainability, zero waste, chemical-free, etc.) I found that usually the easiest and cheapest way … Continue reading Make it Yourself Monday: Tortillas

How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products

For the past month I’ve been really obsessed with making my own stuff at home. While I might not always have the time I found that most cleaning products can easily be made with just a few ingredients.  During my experimenting with different recipes I found that the only one I couldn’t make myself was dish soap, the ones I tried all came out too … Continue reading How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Interview with Ashley Ronning

Risograph, college and wobbly guitars; Ashley Ronning opens up about her life and work as an artist. Ashley Ronning is an illustrator based in Brunswick, Melbourne. She studied graphic Design at Shillington College and is the creator of Helio Press, a risograph publishing project. She has worked in freelance design as well as prop making and set dressing. Her artwork is incredibly colorful and often … Continue reading Interview with Ashley Ronning

Interview With Sheidlina

Sheidlina talks Russia, DIY, and inspiration in our interview. Her work is an inspiration to many and her creativity is admirable. She has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1.9 million subscribers on Youtube. Ellen Sheidlin, an Instagram model and Youtuber, has created work ranging in theme from unicorns to ghosts. She is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and often works with other artists … Continue reading Interview With Sheidlina