Creators in Quarantine: Sarah Brett

How has this whole situation impacted you? Mentally, it’s tough! Just trying to stay active in the studio has been difficult, I’m having a hard time getting myself into the creative mindset. The stresses of bills and sources of income just hang over my head like a dark cloud. I would love to say I’ve been able to take advantage of extra time to create, … Continue reading Creators in Quarantine: Sarah Brett

Interview With Liv & Dom

In this interview I asked Liv & Dom a bit about being twins, their kitty and their average day. Liv & Dom are twins from Sussex who create fun and imaginative ceramic ladies. These ceramic ladies are popular for their sassy poses and multiple uses as anything from incense holders to magnets. What is it like being twins? Can you really talk telepathically? As twins … Continue reading Interview With Liv & Dom

Artshack Brooklyn Offers Classes for Students of All Ages

A few weeks ago I stopped by Artshack Brooklyn to get a feel for their space and I was not disappointed. ¬†First let me start by giving you a little bit of a back story. Artshack is a registered 501 c(3) business that teaches ceramics to children and adults alike. The space was founded by McKendree Key and Dany Rose with the purpose of strengthening … Continue reading Artshack Brooklyn Offers Classes for Students of All Ages

Interview with Julia Ballenger

Julia and I talked using your hands when you can’t trust your eyes, the women in her work and the people that inspire her. Julia Ballenger is a ceramics artist living in San Francisco. She teaches her craft along with the personal work she makes. Where are you from? I am originally from Boise, Idaho but live and work in San Francisco. Why did you … Continue reading Interview with Julia Ballenger