Interview With Munbeibi Creator, Hannah Louise

Hannah Louise and I talk Japan, her love for stories and how anything can be sentient (even something like a used coffee cup). Munbeibi is a line of playful ceramics created by graphic designer Hannah Louise. She lives and works in both Vancouver and Sapporo, splitting her time between the two. Her work with the “Moon Babes” is based on a story of her own … Continue reading Interview With Munbeibi Creator, Hannah Louise

Interview With Edward Del Rosario

I found Edward Del Rosario’s work in an old art magazine a little while back and subsequently fell in love with his work. During our interview we talked about his post post-colonial style, some of his favorite artists and his goals for the future. Edward Del Rosario is from St. Louis, Missouri and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.┬áHe received his BFA in … Continue reading Interview With Edward Del Rosario

Interview with Stacy Silva

Stacy Silva and I talked about culture, crafting and her obsession of spheres in this interview. Stacy Silva is an Austin based artist of Mexican ancestry. Her artwork often depicts females with unique features and surreal backgrounds. Where are you from? Does that affect your art / who you are? I was born in Austin, both of my parents are from Mexico. I grew up … Continue reading Interview with Stacy Silva

Interview With Sheidlina

Sheidlina talks Russia, DIY, and inspiration in our interview. Her work is an inspiration to many and her creativity is admirable. She has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1.9 million subscribers on Youtube. Ellen Sheidlin, an Instagram model and Youtuber, has created work ranging in theme from unicorns to ghosts. She is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and often works with other artists … Continue reading Interview With Sheidlina