What to Look For in: Olive Oil

1. Always look for olive oil in a dark tinted bottle. Light and heat can be very harmful and spoil the oil. 2. Make sure that the bottle has a label “Extra-Virgin” somewhere on it. This basically means that the olives were cold-pressed rather than pressed with heat which makes the oil lose flavor. 3. Harvest dates are really important. Olive oil does expire so … Continue reading What to Look For in: Olive Oil

Inexpensive Products You Can Use to Cut Waste

Coffee Thermos Most coffee shops will allow you to bring your own thermos these days. Or better yet, make coffee at home whenever possible! Lunch Containers Rather than ordering take-out, bring your own! It will save you not only money but lots and lots of waste. Metal Straw Metal straws are nice if you are a person who likes straws but don’t want to waste … Continue reading Inexpensive Products You Can Use to Cut Waste

How to Make Custom Terracotta Pots

This project is so easy! What’s fun about it is the fact that the possibilities are almost limitless. You can paint it however you want, add labels for plants and herbs, draw something or even add trinkets! Directions For Basic Painting 1. It’s always important to measure twice, cut (in this case, paint) once. Mine were 1 inch apart and I just marked each with … Continue reading How to Make Custom Terracotta Pots

Sneak Peek: CuRated

  It has been weeks and weeks since I have posted… but there’s a reason! I have recently began work on a goal of mine that I have had for a very long time. I am creating an independent magazine! The magazine is called CuRated and it features articles, interviews, paintings and more. Below I’ve included a sneak peek of the first issue. While I’m … Continue reading Sneak Peek: CuRated