How to Choose Your Next Computer

The only brand new computer I ever owned was a Chromebook, a computer where you can’t do anything unless you’re connected to the internet. To be fair, they’re great computers if that’s all you’re doing. When it was time to search for a new computer this last time I realized that every time I buy […]

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Homemade Face Masks

Over the years and years of trying to find good masks I’ve found that the best ingredients can be those found in the kitchen. My skin type would most likely be described as “combination” so I never knew what would work for me. But I wanted to include the best ingredients for oily, dry or […]

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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Of course everybody has a different budget and different needs but this is what my boyfriend and I do to save our money. The best tip I ever heard was to buy the whole chicken, not just the breasts or the thighs. At my local grocery store they cost $1.69/lb. and even the bones can […]

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Winter Ebay Finds: 2017

This year I really went overboard with Ebay. While I was still living with my parents I had more disposable money. I thought a lot about fast fashion and how a lot of my clothes were cheap and that I really didn’t want to keep that long. I really had to make a conscious decision […]

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