Interview With Kyle Confehr

Kyle Confehr is an artist who’s work often borders between fine art and street art. His work can be found locally in many places including Honeygrow’s headquarters, the airport and at local art shows. I was lucky enough to sit down with Kyle and talk life, art and location. Where did you grow up and how has it affected your life and art? I grew … Continue reading Interview With Kyle Confehr

What to Look for in: Chocolate

Texture 1. The texture of chocolate should not be waxy, this could mean there are additives rather than pure cocoa butter 2. When you break off a piece you should hear an audible “snap,” this generally means the chocolate is high quality 3. If the chocolate is gritty, there was most likely too much sugar added or that the chocolate is not fresh Ingredients 1. … Continue reading What to Look for in: Chocolate

Cookies for the Holiday Party

Raspberry Thumbprint Sweet, tart but not too heavy. Make the dough, press your thumb into the center and add your favorite raspberry jam. Snowball The secret to a good snowball cookie is the nuts! They are also made with a more dry, crumbly dough than most cookies and are coated with sugar right out of the oven. Peanut Butter Kiss Very yummy and very easy. Bake … Continue reading Cookies for the Holiday Party

Perfect Presents

Add a little extra something to your presents this year! Include pine sprigs, ornaments, ribbons and even lights. How to do it: Wrapping Paper, Satin, Ribbon, Bell OrnamentHow to do it: Wrapping Paper, Twine, Pine Sprig, Pinecone, Hot Glue (to hold it all together) How to do it: Wrapping Paper, Twine, Cookie Ornament How to do it: Wrapping Paper, Tinsel, Ball Ornaments How to do … Continue reading Perfect Presents