What to Look for in: Coffee

Coffee is a bean. We all know that. But what you may not know is what makes coffee good.

The Beans Themselves: The flavor mainly depends on where and how the beans were grown. Some are fruity or more acidic, others are more chocolaty or rich.

The Roast: Can be anywhere from light roasted to dark roasted.

Light ——————- Less of a roasted flavor so that more of the bean’s original flavor is present.

Medium ——————————————- These beans with have a richer flavor with less acidity.

Dark ————– The oils rise to the surface making the flavor the most smokey with low acidity.

Storage: Store coffee in an air-tight container in an cool, dark place.

Grind Texture

Fine: More bitter and a bit more acidic.


Course: Less flavorful due to less extraction.


Brewing Methods









The case for hand-held grinders

Electric grinders are great if you are looking for something quick but they do have their disadvantages as well.

Heat: The beans may be exposed to heat when you use an electric grinder because of how fast the machines are. Coffee beans should be exposed to heat only when being brewed to maintain freshness. If they are exposed to heat ahead of time they may be losing valuable oils and flavor.
Consistency: Most electric grinders use blades to grind the beans. This can lead to uneven bean consistency which can result in weird flavors. Most hand-held grinders are burr grinders which grind beans to one even consistency.
Price: Good quality electric grinders can get expensive. Hand-held grinders are cheap.
Longevity: Hand-held grinders last forever, they don’t have a battery that can get burnt out like electric grinders.
Portability: You can take hand-held grinders anywhere and everywhere.

All of this plus the fact that they make almost no noise at all and are very calming to use makes them the best option (in my opinion).


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