Creators in Quarantine: Olivia Kaufman-Rovira of Ordinary O

How has this whole situation impacted you? 
There are different levels to this response. First off, I work part-time as an landscape designer. That work has been cut in half, so I essentially have an almost quarter-time WFH job right now. I am very grateful that I have that, but it’s just one piece of my freelancing puzzle that remains. It’s a bit scary. I’ve been a complete emotional roller coaster. Some days I am ready to tackle every project on my list, others I am a complete couch potato.  At this point we are already a month in, but I am still struggling with productivity despite my organizational efforts. It’s a funny thing, the busier I am, the more productive I am. So I’ve had to be creative in how I get myself to do work. My attention span is even shorter than it already was. I actually think it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate and do work as this goes on.
My perception of time has been completely thrown off. I feel like I’m in a time warp because time has strangely been going fast and slow simultaneously! A friend asked me what I had been up to and I couldn’t answer at first. I’m just trying to keep busy and keep going. I’ve been attempting to do projects that I generally procrastinate on; creating a web-store, updating my resume and portfolio, cleaning that endlessly cluttered corner. I’ve even considered organizing my digital files! I haven’t done it yet. It’s still last on my list and I don’t know if I will get to it. This has definitely made me reevaluate my value system. Things I thought were important aren’t actually important and never need to be done.
When this is all over how do you think it will impact you as a creator?
I’ve always held tight to having a ‘steady’ job while trying to build my own creative business. Doing this gives me a sense of ‘security’ (what’s that anymore?) but it takes away from building Ordinary O. However, now I feel even more strongly about the part time juggling act I’ve been doing and creating a back up plan and emergency fund to weather events like these. Hopefully this will help me build a stronger base for my creative business, but it’s a tough balance because I would like to spend more time building and growing Ordinary O. Ultimately though, creating and using my hands is so important to my well-being whether it’s a business or not. It helps me process emotions and keep positive. The quarantine is affirming that for me. Making and creating is a part of my life and always will be in one way or another.


What advice would you give to other creators/businesses during this difficult time?
I think the most important thing would be to honor yourself and your process. It’s ok not to be productive, this is a weird time. It’s also ok to be uber-productive. Just make sure you are checking in with yourself and your well being. Try to take time away from social media, Netflix and screens in general. I can’t say I’m the best at this at all, I’m just trying to be mindful of this.
Olivia’s work can be found on her website  or on her Instagram @Ordinary_O 

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