Creators in Quarantine: Sarah Brett

How has this whole situation impacted you?

Mentally, it’s tough! Just trying to stay active in the studio has been difficult, I’m having a hard time getting myself into the creative mindset. The stresses of bills and sources of income just hang over my head like a dark cloud. I would love to say I’ve been able to take advantage of extra time to create, but I would be surprised if other artists aren’t feeling similarly. It’s a scary time. The few stores in Philly that I collaborate with have been forced to close their doors and my heart goes out to them. The time and effort they put into their businesses in order to support small operations like myself is admirable, and I’m truly worried about them. I was lined up to participate in a few festivals that have been canceled and as disappointing as that is, it is important to remember that it is for the health and safety of everyone.

When this is all over how do you think it will impact you as a creator?

My hope is to come out of this feeling well-rested and ready to create. I think as the weeks go on, I’ll experience more of a drive to be productive and make the most of this time forced indoors. That being said, it’s hard to think about what the economy will look like and as a selling artist, this could be something to worry about. I wouldn’t expect everyone to run out and start buying handmade items, I would expect them to purchase the essentials like food, cleaning supplies, or anything they couldn’t get their hands on during this pandemic, and I 100% understand and respect that.
What advice would you give to other creators/businesses during this difficult time?
I think it is important to remember that you aren’t the only one experiencing the anxieties and stresses that come along with something like this, nobody planned for this and everyone is experiencing some form of discomfort. I would encourage creators and businesses to reach out to each other and just check-in on one another. On the days that I just can’t get into a groove in the studio, I spend editing my website, or organizing and cleaning my studio, or making sure my accounting book is up-to-date. I would allow yourself to go through what you’re feeling through this time, and most importantly, breathe.
Sarah’s work can be found on her website at or on Instagram @sarahbrettceramics

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