Creators in Quarantine: Eric Hinkley

How has this whole situation impacted you?
First off this pandemic has impacted me greatly. I lost my job the morning of March 21st and that was a huge eye-opener. I also had my freelance jobs centered in the music industry put on hold so I now am left wondering where the next paycheck will come from. Scarier than that though is when will I be able to get out there and start looking for new work, even just something temporary to pay the bills is nearly impossible to find in the current state. It seems that no one will be immune to the effects that this is going to have on the world.
On the more positive side I have been asked to participate in some artistic endeavors to raise awareness and money for COVID related charities and the artists involved. I have also used my free time to create art just for the hell of it and I haven’t had that luxury in a while.
Also I just feel so fortunate to have a talent and skill set that allow me to still make money while stuck inside and out of work. I can always pivot and make prints, shirts, or design for freelance clients should the opportunities arise.
When this is all over how do you think it will impact you as a creator?
When all is said and done I know I will still be able to find work. I hope to use this as a reminder to make more meaningful work that helps people and unites rather than just exists , or worse yet divides people. Art can help make change happen and can spread messages, i want to use it to spread positive messages. even doing more probono work for small organizations to help them fundraise or help them get off the ground. I want to use my talents to help my neighbors more.
What advice would you give to other creators/businesses during this difficult time?
To other creators I say don’t let this time slip away. Its easy to be sad and un-inspired but its not often you get this much free time so try and make the work you always wanted to make but haven’t yet. There is book title/ Purple Mountains lyric that I love, even though I’m taking it a little out of context for the way its used in the song its still killer.
“A setback can be a setup for a comeback if you don’t let up!”
 You don’t have to work round the clock everyday either, when you don’t feel it take a day off. Give yourself permission to *f around and do nothing. It can be rejuvenating. I have made a ton of new work in the past week and a half but i also wasted 2 full days doing nothing but feeling lazy and melancholy and eating snacks. That’s okay!!!!
Eric’s work can be found on his website or on his Instagram @ehinkley

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