Local & Sustainable Places to Buy Groceries in Philly

One of the best things about Philly is the fact that we are literally surrounded by farmland. On the other hand, eating locally is intimidating. If you don’t know already, here’s the top places to get groceries in Philadelphia.


Tela’s Market

Tela’s is a great place for local groceries. Almost all the products they have available are from local suppliers. They also have an an eat-in cafe where you can sit and enjoy the quality coffee and food.


Riverwards Produce

Riverwards Produce is a great option located in Fishtown. They have a revolving selection of produce and other groceries. What’s cool about Riverwards is the pure size and selection. They have products from all over the world!

Photo Courtesy of Phillymag.com

Reading Terminal

I mean, if you’ve never bought groceries here then you’re missing out. Just be ready to fight your way through a crowd! Iovine Brothers is probably the best place in the city to buy produce and the cute little Amish ladies sell some of the greatest cheese and meat you’ve probably ever tasted.


Greensgrown Farm

Greensgrown is an urban farm that is actually located in Philadelphia. Potentially my favorite part about this place is the fact that they are so involved. They offer something year round, from crops (obviously) to wreath making workshops.


Mariposa Food Co-op

For those who live in West Philly and even for those who don’t, Mariposa is a great little place. They have a very very wide variety of local and/or organic food. You do not have to be a member to shop here but if you plan on being a regular it’s probably a good plan.

Weaver Way Co-op

Weavers Way Co-op

Weavers Way has multiple location West of Philadelphia. Each location has it’s own special charm and they stock everything from ice cream to produce to chips and sometimes even plants!

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