DIY Wall Art

There is so much wall space! So what do you do? Well, here are a few cheap ways to make your own wall art.

Print Site and Artists Prints: sites like Society6 and Etsy offer cheap prints from artists that can come framed or unframed.

Post Cards / Greeting Cards: this is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fill a wall. Simply look online and in shops for cards that you think would look nice on a wall.

DIY Framed Art: add a unique flair to your home by making your own framed art!

Hanging Wall Art: from paper flowers to pom poms, hanging wall art can be a fun and customizable project.


Hanging wall art is great because no matter how simple, it can look very beautiful and elaborate. This project costs only about $2 and about half an hour to make.

This can be made with paper flowers or pom-poms (see page 20).

Supplies: Tissue Paper, Scissors, Stapler, Twine, Hot Glue Gun, Wooden Dowel

1. Fold three pieces of tissue paper accordion style with one inch layers.


2. Cut both ends into desired petal shape.


3. Staple middle and spread out layers.


4. Fold paper up layer by layer until you have a beautiful flower!


5. Glue twine to back of flower(s) and tie to wooden dowel.


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