What to Look for in: Chocolate



1. The texture of chocolate should not be waxy, this could mean there are additives rather than pure cocoa butter
2. When you break off a piece you should hear an audible “snap,” this generally means the chocolate is high quality
3. If the chocolate is gritty, there was most likely too much sugar added or that the chocolate is not fresh


1. The first ingredient should always be cocoa
2. Choose a chocolate that has a higher percentage of cocoa. Chocolate has more health benefits when this percentage is higher
3. The only ingredients that absolutely need to be in chocolate are cocoa powder, cocoa butter and a sweetener (and of course milk if it’s milk chocolate). Anything else is most likely a preservative or an additive to make the chocolate taste more smooth


1. Chocolate from large companies like Nestle or Hershey source their chocolate mostly from Africa. Many times over these companies have been exposed for child labor or slavery. So, these are best to avoid if possible
2. The best way to make sure your chocolate is ethically sourced is to do a little digging. Look into the company and where they get their cocoa as well as if they have any past scandals. Extra points if they’re local


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