Cookies for the Holiday Party


Raspberry Thumbprint
Sweet, tart but not too heavy. Make the dough, press
your thumb into the center and add your favorite
raspberry jam.


The secret to a good snowball cookie is the nuts! They
are also made with a more dry, crumbly dough than
most cookies and are coated with sugar right out of the


Peanut Butter Kiss
Very yummy and very easy. Bake the dough and when it
comes out of the oven, hurry and pop a kiss right on top
for a perfect cookie!


Chocolate Andes® Mint
These cookies are like brownies, but better because they
taste just like Andes® Mints!


Snickerdoodles are a classic, but they’re also really
simple cookies that you can make for any gathering, just
make sure you have plenty of cinnamon!

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