Taco Review

The Italian Market in Southeast Philadelphia is home to the best and most authentic taco places in town. For this section I decided to try three of the most popular spots to see what makes a really great taco.
At each place I tried one chicken, one beef and one pork taco. All had very similar ingredients; meat, lime, cilantro and onion, etc. Surprisingly, each place brought something different than the last.


Taqueria La Veracruzana
Taqueria La Veracruzana is a great little place on Washington Avenue near the Italian Market. This is personally my favorite taco spot in town. Although you can order your tacos take-out, I would highly recommend sitting down here for a few moments to enjoy your food. The people who work here are very kind and welcoming, the food comes fast and the meat inside the tacos melts in your mouth. It is fantastically fatty and flavorful with no thrills.


El Jarocho
El Jarocho is a nice corner taco shop in a quieter part of Southeast Philadelphia. The shop is very charming with people always inside eating and chatting.
The tacos were very good. They brought a new element of scallions and raddishes that made the meat taste even more pronounced. The ingredients were also very fresh, from the limes to the meat itself.


Los Taquitos De Puebla III
This spot is right in the action, very close to Pat’s and Geno’s. It’s also the largest shop of all three with both indoor and outdoor seating.
Unfortunately, you can’t mix and match a set of three tacos so I ordered a total of nine tacos, three sets of three tacos with each type of meat.
Unlike the other two places, the chicken came with tomatoes, yellow cheese and shredded lettuce. This is more reminiscent of an American-style taco and definitely came as a bit of a surprise. Never the less, the tacos were good.

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