Things You Don’t Really Need

There are so so many things that we all have that we don’t really need. This usually includes either things we never use or things that are expired or broken. Once a year or whenever you can it feels good to do an audit of your home to see what things you can donate, throw away, recycle, etc.

1. Clothes that do not fit or that you have not worn within the last year
2. Subscriptions: Gym, TV, Food, Clothing, Magazines
3. Kitchen Equipment
4. Gym Equipment
5. Decorations that give you no joy or that you never use
6. Ingredients that you’ll only use once: Spices, Condiments, Grains, Oils, Vinegars
7. Documents: Greeting Cards, Magazines, Notes
8. Cosmetics
9. Expired Medications
10. Cleaning Products
11. The Newest Technology
12. DVDs, CDs or Books that you don’t use
13. Jewelery
14. Electronic Items
15. Storage Items
16. Tools
17. Craft Supplies
18. Knick-Knacks
19. Bedding

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