Quick Low-Waste Tips

1. Buy less. The more items are purchased the more industrial waste, the more pollution. Luckily, many people are moving towards minimalism, multi-use items and DIY items. By reducing our intake of products we can all do our part.

2. Buy from reputable / local companies. Many companies are from / use materials from overseas. This is not inherently bad but waste is created when the product has to be sent all the way to the U.S. It is also very common for companies to source the cheapest material they can which in turn is not long lasting. In the effort of buying less and cutting waste, quality is always better than quantity.

3. Reuse items that cannot be recycled. Items like plastic bags can be used as trash bags for small trash cans.

4. Learn your city’s recycling guidelines. Many times recyclables are thrown away because they were not properly recycled.

5. Compost (if possible). Food waste account for up to 25% of all waste and could be re purposed into a usable material.

6. Cook at home when possible and eat less meat. Factory farming contributes 1 million tons of manure alone each day.

7. Buy clothing (and other things) second-hand. The clothing industry makes 92 million tons of waste each year. Buying second-hand does not solve this problem entirely but it helps reduce this number.

8. Donate items you don’t want or need. Along the same token of buying second-hand, donating helps your community and your environment.

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