Inexpensive Products You Can Use to Cut Waste


Coffee Thermos

Most coffee shops will allow you to bring your own thermos these days. Or better yet, make coffee at home whenever possible!


Lunch Containers

Rather than ordering take-out, bring your own! It will save you not only money but lots and lots of waste.


Metal Straw

Metal straws are nice if you are a person who likes straws but don’t want to waste the plastic. The best part is that many of them come in portable versions!


Washable Floor Pad

Rather than make trash and waste the money, these washable pads are great to use for sweeping or mopping floors and they are reusable!


Bees Wrap®

Bees Wrap® is a great alternative to plastic in general. It can be used rather than plastic wrap and baggies.


Water Filter

One of the largest source of waste is bottled water. A great way to cut down is by using a water filter instead.


Reusable Baggies

Reusable baggies are made from thicker plastic and are much more durable. Simply wash them out and use again!


Shopping Bags

Mesh shopping bags are great! They can be used as a substitute for plastic produce or grocery bags.

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