Plant Essentials

General Care Guidelines

Watering: To see if your plant is thirsty you can put your finger about one inch into the soil. The soil should be moist, for most plants it should not be flat-out wet but it should never be dry.
Sunlight: Different plants require different amounts of light, make sure to look into this as soon as you get a new plant.

How to Keep Them Healthy

  • Remember to repot your plant if it came in a nursery pot.
  • Allow a few weeks after bringing it home to repot so that it can get used to it’s new environment first.
  • Make sure all pots that you use have drain holes to prevent root rot and mold growth that can kill your new plant.
  • Plants require different amounts of sun. If the leaves are crisp and dried the plant is getting too much sun, if the leaves are yellowing it is not getting enough.
  • If your plant(s) are wilting, first make sure that they have moist soil. If their soil is too wet or too dry that could be the issue.
  • Different plants like different soils, before repotting or getting a new plant make sure that you know what soils that it prefers.
  • Some plants like fertilizer. If you are having trouble getting your plant to thrive it may be worth looking into.
  • Above all, make sure to love and keep an eye on all your plants so that they can all grow big and strong!

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