How to Make Custom Terracotta Pots

This project is so easy! What’s fun about it is the fact that the possibilities are almost limitless. You can paint it however you want, add labels for plants and herbs, draw something or even add trinkets!


Directions For Basic Painting

1. It’s always important to measure twice, cut (in this case, paint) once. Mine were 1 inch apart and I just marked each with a simple pencil line.
2. Erase the pencil lines and draw design in desired size with paint marker, making sure they are all the same. This could be anything from simple dots, lines, to intricate patterns.
3. Add any other details you would like. In this case I painted the entire bottom of the pot white.
4. All done!


Directions For Chalk Board Labels

1. Using a flat paint brush and chalkboard paint, paint a label the size you need directly onto the pot. Make sure your pot is completely dry to allow paint to set easier.
2. Allow 24 hours to dry completely.
3. Using a chalk pen write out the label.
4. All done!


As always, I hope everyone has a good week and let me know what I should try to make next!

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