Interview with the Career Wardrobe

Career Wardrobe is a business located on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. They specialize in second-hand professional attire with the purpose of helping people get back to work. I recently stopped by to do a little shopping and talk about what makes this store so special.


When and how was the business created?

We are turning 25 years old this fall. We were founded by a small group of women who wanted to provide professional attire to women trying to get back to work. In the past 25 years we’ve expanded so much, we now offer professional attire of all kinds to all gender identities.We have a resale store open to the public so low-income folks can always come back and shop with us at great prices while shopping green / sustainably. We have two resale locations open now and up to five dressing sites in the greater Philadelphia area.

What can people do to help?

Shop with us, donate to us. As far as donations go, we take pretty much anything wearable. Men’s wear, Women’s Wear, professional, casual, formal, shoes, jewelry, accessories. You can always drop those things off to us and you can come and shop. We are a non-profit so any shopping you do benefits our mission of providing professional attire to unemployed folks. So even just coming in every so often helps people get back to work.

Visit them online at

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