Make it Yourself Monday: Wrapping Paper

Of all the “Make it Yourself Monday” posts it’s quite possible I had the hardest / best time with this one. While I am very aware I could have printed the wrapping paper and saved myself all of those hours; to me something hand-painted shows your friends and family that they mean enough to you to invest some serious time.



Kraft Paper

Acrylic Paint (in any colors you want)

Fine-tip Brushes

Heavy-weight Paper

X-acto Knife



  1. Research designs or aesthetics you like
  2. Decide on a design you like (I would suggest keeping it simple)
  3. Draw your design on the heavy-weight paper
  4. Cut out your design with an x-acto knife
  5. Decide if you would like a pattern and / or on how you are going to place your design (I spaced mine 4.25″ apart)


  1. Stencil your design onto the kraft paper with a pencil
  2. Using your brushes and acrylic paint the design
  3. Allow paint to dry for at least 4 hours before wrapping
  4. Enjoy!

With this one I urge you to experiment and make it your own. It’s a little challenging and very very time consuming but over all I thought it was worth it.

Hint: If you run out of time (like I did), you can always use almost any holiday stamp you can get a hold of and make a pattern of any sort. For mine I took a pretty scripty stamp and made a random pattern all over.


As always, I hope everyone has a good week and let me know what I should try to make next!

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