How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products

For the past month I’ve been really obsessed with making my own stuff at home. While I might not always have the time I found that most cleaning products can easily be made with just a few ingredients. IMG_5952

During my experimenting with different recipes I found that the only one I couldn’t make myself was dish soap, the ones I tried all came out too thin. Definitely let me know if you guys were able to find one that actually works.

Hand Soap


My homemade hand soap worked so well that after putting it in the old soap container and leaving, I came home and thought my boyfriend had replaced it with the store-bought. My only complaint with the recipe I use is that when I use it I feel like it does leave a little residue in my sink. Otherwise this one is like an exact substitute for Soft Soap or similar brands.

Laundry Soap


This one I was a little weary about from the get-go. I had read a few articles that said not to make your own, that unless you’re a chemist you don’t have the skills to make an effective detergent. After making my own I would agree but the thing is, I don’t need a strong detergent, I would rather a fairly gentle soap. Not only have a found this is safer for my clothes but also better for my skin. Find the recipe I used here.

Floor Cleaner


For a long time I was using a regular Swiffer with disposable pads but after I realized how much waste I was making I decided to try to find another solution. I started by buying a reusable mop pad that could be used for both sweeping and mopping. I then realized that to mop I would essentially have to just slosh cleaner on the floor, not ideal. So I decided to buy another Swiffer, the type that will spray a solution for you. Because I don’t see a need to buy new bottles for this mop I decided to make my own solution and simply refill the bottle it comes with. Here is the best recipe I found for floor cleaner.

General Cleaner

IMG_5956 (2)

The store-bought cleaner I always used was 409. But after reading the ingredients and almost passing out from fumes every time I use it, I figured I could probably making something just as strong with natural ingredients. The recipe I ended up with is just as good as 409 in most cases, smells fresh and is super easy to make.

Window Cleaner


This one is easy and something your great great grandmother probably would have used. Just combine 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle. If you can’t handle the smell you can always try adding essential oils, although I have not tried this… Either way this simple recipe is much safer that Windex.

In Summary…

Not only has making my own products saved me a lot of money, more importantly it has meant that I am making less waste, using less chemicals and using products that are better for both me and the environment.

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