10 Items You Should Be Buying in Bulk

We have all heard how much cheaper it can be to buy in bulk. This certainly does not mean you should go out and buy every single thing in bulk, but implementing this method for a few items can certainly save you some money.

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Buying in bulk is only worth it for items that you actually need a lot of. There is no point in buying a 20 pound tub of baking powder, for example, if it is going to take you an entire lifetime or more to use. Of course this is all dependent on your individual lifestyle, but there are a few items, that you are almost guaranteed to use, that you could be buying for less.

10. Soap

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Soap of any kind is an absolute necessity, there will never be a time when you do not need it. To save the most money buy the largest quantity you can (make sure you have the space to store it as well). For this item you can also choose to go generic but often time the cost savings for that is very minimal.

9. Paper Towels

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Paper towels are surprisingly one of the items that are cheapest when bought in bulk. A key thing to remember as far as this item; just because you have a lot does not mean you should use it all as quickly as possible. Paper towels are an items we all could probably use a little less of.

8. Toilet Paper

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Buying toilet paper in bulk is much cheaper than buying a few rolls at a time. While brand is not as important, thickness and other qualities can be pretty crucial. Sure, we could all buy toilet paper for cheap but if it it the type of stuff you see in the restrooms at public parks it may not really be worth it.

7. Socks & Underwear

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This can be especially important if you are always losing socks during laundry time. Buy socks and underwear in bulk for as cheap as you can find it. The quality honestly is not so important if you are losing them all the time. If you are one of the rare people who can keep track of them and you feel like getting higher quality, go ahead and splurge a little.

6. Detergents

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This is an item we all use. Most department stores only offer as big as a gallon size but if you go online you can get a lot of detergent for a much smaller price. Again, brand does not matter as much, just try to find something that works for you.

5. Cleaning Supplies

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These items can really differ from person to person. One of the best items to buy in bulk is disinfecting wipes. Buying a three pack of the largest size can last a while and is literally a fraction of the regular price. If you personally notice you are using a lot of any cleaning supply I would check online and in multiple stores to see if you are getting the best deal.

4. Non-Perishable Foods (Coffee, Tortillas, Beans, even Cereal)

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Non-perishable foods could be an entire list of its own. Anything that lasts a long time that you know you will use is totally worth buying in bulk. This can be anything from dry pasta, to cans of crushed tomatoes, even certain crackers.

3. Trash Bags

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Trash bags are another absolute necessity. Brand usually does not matter, it can be a smart choice to just purchase the generic brand. Buying this item in the largest quantity you can find can really cut costs over time.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner

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Shampoo and conditioner can range from very cheap to very expensive. Either way they can almost always be bought in bulk, just make sure that you like them enough!

1. Razors

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Razors are so expensive for almost no reason. Some people like the razors with replaceable blades and others like disposable razors, the savings pretty much works out the same when bought in bulk.

Buying in bulk is a worthy venture for anybody hoping to spend less on these every day necessities. Just remember, make it work for you. There is no exact science to this method but most times, with a little work upfront, it can really pay off in the end.

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