Basic Health Fitness Questions Answered by Liam Rosen

Although there are a lot of Health and fitness ideas that can be subjective or just simple not work for everyone, I’ve found that there are some pretty simple guidelines that do apply to everyone.

Liam Rosen is the creator of the “Beginner’s Health and Fitness Guide.

How did you start doing all this?

My freshman year of college in 2005, I was a skinny, weak, 150 lb former-cross country runner. While browsing the Something Awful Forums (, I found a post by a guy who claimed to have gained 40 lbs in a year after following Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength routine ( Some follow-up replies appeared to confirm the veracity of the first post, and provided progress photos as well. I’ve always been fascinated by transformation, and transforming my body into the fittest, healthiest version of myself immediately got me hooked.

In your opinion, why do so many people “fail” when it comes to fitness and diet?

Willpower. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Most people fundamentally know the things they need to do to maintain a healthy weight, but sedentary lifestyle, peer pressure, and inner mental strength often throw our best-laid plans awry.


What type of weight lifting / exercising would be most beneficial for women just starting out?

Heavy compound lifts. Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weight won’t make you ¨bulky¨ or turn you into a female bodybuilder overnight. It’s simply the fastest, most efficient way to build a more attractive, fit, and feminine body.

That being said, women are much more likely to exercise when it involves a social or group component. I’ve found that group Olympic lifting classes or Crossfit improve consistency for women getting into lifting for the first time.

As far as the diet side, why can’t I just eat 3,000 calories worth of McDonald’s then burn 2,500 by working out? Couldn’t I use that 500 to gain muscle?

You *can*, technically. You can gain muscle eating the worst foods possible – it’s just harder and unhealthier.

There are people who have lost weight and gained muscle eating McDonald’s – It’s important to remember, though, that simply having a fit and muscular body doesn’t necessarily imply health. Health is a holistic measure of overall wellness that involves both physical biomarkers as well as mental health. Eating junk food isn’t good for either.

Have there been any changes to the guide or will there be in the future?

Only very minor changes. The basics of fitness and diet have been the same for years. Lift, move, recover, and eat healthy.

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