How to Choose Your Next Computer

The only brand new computer I ever owned was a Chromebook, a computer where you can’t do anything unless you’re connected to the internet. To be fair, they’re great computers if that’s all you’re doing.


When it was time to search for a new computer this last time I realized that every time I buy a new computer it’s for the same reason, battery life. Two years after I bought my  secondhand MacBook it couldn’t last 10 minutes without charging. A year after I bought my old Lenovo from my Boyfriend it could only hold a charge for about half an hour.

If you are planning on buying a new computer consider what about the old one you don’t like. Is it that the sound is terrible? Is it because you can’t use Photoshop without it crashing? Considering what suits your needs best is a great start.

Here is a short list of other factors to consider when looking for a new laptop:

Size & Weight

Size and weight can be pretty important depending on where you use your computer most. Students like myself usually prefer to have a computer less than 15″ because anything beyond that won’t fit in most bags. However if you use it mostly at home or are used to a desk top then a larger screen might work better for you. The same goes for weight, if you want something more portable then as little weight as possible if what you’re looking for.


Consider whether you would like a touch screen or just a regular screen. Screens that are not touch screens are often matte anti-glare which can be a very nice feature as well. The resolution I would suggest is 1920x1080p (full HD) because it is standard on most computers and nice enough for the average person.


A keyboard should be comfortable and feel natural for the user. Many people also prefer a back-lit keyboard if they want to use their computer and night or just for more visibility.

Processing Power

I can’t speak for Mac computers because I would never buy one again but for the fastest speeds I would suggest a Intel Core i5 or i7 processor (i7 for sure if you plan to do a lot of multi-tasking).

Memory & Storage

Memory (RAM) is also important for those who plan to use multiple applications or use complex programs like Photoshop. I would suggest at the very least 8GB if using anything other than the internet. Any computer with a Solid State Drive is fine for the average person, hard drives are bulky and and can be very slow.

Graphics Card

The processor (CPU) is like the brain, it controls everything that happens on the computer. A graphics processor (GPU) is like the CPU but is strictly used for graphics. This allows your CPU to focus on other tasks which can make your computer much faster at time when you may have to use larger programs. I would suggest getting a computer with a graphics card for those who need to use large applications often.

Regardless of what computer you choose to purchase remember that there are many cheap options available with all the necessary features. Most computers are fairly customizable so just consider your needs.




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