Top Mother’s Day Gifts

Before sitting down to share my knowledge I realized I have no idea what my own mother wants.

So, I called her and this is what she said: a big clock. That apparently is all she wants. Rather than spend $150 on a giant clock I thought I would write about what other people’s mother’s want (according to the internet) and decide that way.

For the Mom Who Likes to Garden

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This cool device is connected to an app to let you know when your plant needs attention. Buy here.

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If your mom gardens and doesn’t own one of these she’s crazy. Save your moms knees and sanity with one of these handy stools.

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Make aerating your lawn easy with this foot set. It’ll save you time and frustration and help your yard flourish. Buy here.

For the Mom Who Likes to Read


If your mom likes reading Mother’s day should be easy for you. There are literally millions of great books out there. You can find cheap books on Ebay and Amazon or even in local used book / thrift stores.


For the Mom Who Likes to Cook

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I really like this one for any mom who secretly wants to own a farm or watches a lot of Little House on the Prairie. It’s a butter churner if you couldn’t tell, just add heavy cream to make your own butter. Buy here.


This is a great tool to cut herbs and anything else she can think of that needs to be finely chopped. Buy here.

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This magic device can be used to cook anything sous vide. I would read more into but basically cook meat perfectly with an app and this stick. Buy here.

A Few Other Ideas

  1. Class Membership: What does you mom want to learn?
  2. Chocolate, gift basket, flowers, candles
  3. Painting / a card or other art either bought or homemade
  4. Sew her pot holders, pillow or anything else you can think of
  5. Knit or crochet her something
  6. Cook her a meal or take her out somewhere

In the end the most important thing to remember is that this is your mother. She’s going to love you no matter what so don’t stress. I also know in my case my mother has done everything for me and she deserves something she’ll actually use.

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