Why (I think) Kanye Married Kim

I’ve had this thought for a long time and have been wanting to put it into words. With the recent Kanye West drama in the media I’m not sure if this is the best time or the worst time to voice this opinion. I think that Kanye married Kim because she receives more attention than almost anyone else in the world.

The Inquisitr
Photo Courtesy of theinquisitr.com

It’s a pretty basic idea actually, Kanye seems to do everything for a reason and I’m not sure his marriage to Kim Kardashian is any different than any of his other career moves.

For the last decade every man has wanted to be with her and ever woman has wanted to be her. Kardashian is a household name and even those who claims to hate her know who she is and what she’s doing at almost all times.

Their marriage together increased their celebrity more than either of them could have alone and ensured that they would not become irrelevant as time passed.

Another part of my theory is that Kanye chose to have kids with Kim because he most likely believes that together their ultra-famous genes have created a new bloodline that will keep their fame alive through their children. Again, just a theory; but think about it evolutionary, men have the need to carry on a legacy through their spawn.

We all know that Kanye is a fashion designer and that Kim is basically a model, which if you think about it, creates a nice symbiosis for both parties.

Kim has said in many an interview that she now laughs at her former style and is glad Kanye changed her look. By being more original Kim has become known for her fashion like she never was before.

For Kanye this arrangement must be the dream. No one is photographed and featured more than Kim and now he has almost exclusive rights to choose exactly how she looks at all times.

I don’t want to get too detailed with this as it is just an idea of what might be happening. With all this being said I do still believe that they love each other. The world we live in now has changed radically and I think that this power couple is just the newest example of people grabbing for as much power as they can get.

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