Backlog: Interview with May Waver

A while back I interviewed May Waver… over text. We talked technology, ASMR, and the deep web. May Waver is a multimedia artist located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her artwork explores intimacy, connection and experience. She holds a BA in Studio Art as well as a BA for Health & Society from Beloit College. I […]

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How to Choose Your Next Computer

The only brand new computer I ever owned was a Chromebook, a computer where you can’t do anything unless you’re connected to the internet. To be fair, they’re great computers if that’s all you’re doing. When it was time to search for a new computer this last time I realized that every time I buy […]

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Top Mother’s Day Gifts

Before sitting down to share my knowledge I realized I have no idea what my own mother wants. So, I called her and this is what she said: a big clock. That apparently is all she wants. Rather than spend $150 on a giant clock I thought I would write about what other people’s mother’s […]

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Backlog: Interview with Andrea Manica

Last year I talked with Andrea Manica about routine, astrological signs, and her process. Andrea Manica is an illustrator in Toronto. She hold a degree in Illustration from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her artwork is often seen in murals and signs and includes very natural, simplistic themes. What’s your sign? Cancer, Gemini […]

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