Interview With Liv & Dom

In this interview I asked Liv & Dom a bit about being twins, their kitty and their average day.


Liv & Dom are twins from Sussex who create fun and imaginative ceramic ladies. These ceramic ladies are popular for their sassy poses and multiple uses as anything from incense holders to magnets.

What is it like being twins? Can you really talk telepathically?

As twins this is a question we get asked all the time. As very skeptical individuals we chalk this up to the sort of connection that anyone can get if they spend enough time together! Like an old married couple. I guess it may have something to do with how we are genetically very close to being identical, that could make us think more similarly to begin with.. We just know how the other thinks generally so can guess pretty accurately from there.

How did you begin? When did you start creating your ladies?

We actually started making men first, for example the first incense holder we made was a man. When we were on the same course at university for our final project (2015) we decided to turn our work into a brand as a way of trying to make a career after graduating. The ideas didn’t really evolve from existing work, it was something that we came up with together for the project that was loosely based on seaside towns and Martin Parr portraiture. Luckily we managed to produce something that people really responded to. The man incense holder piece we had evolved quickly into a woman and then it kind of made sense to us to go further with it- nudity themed art is crazily popular right now, in 2015 it was just picking up momentum so it was a great time to get started.

IMG_2668 copy

I love that you share other artist’s work on your page! Where do you discover these artists?

Instagram! Almost always instagram but occasionally it will be artists we’ve found through exhibitions/stores we’ve visited. Recently Liv shared a Marion Fayolle book she found in a bookstore/ bar in Nice, but this is a rarity!

What would you say the key to being good business women is?

Perseverance is a big one, commitment to the struggle of trying to make it. Realistic goals to avoid disappointment when things don’t happen the way you expect. Good stress management, being accountable for all aspects of a business can be really stressful.

What role has social media played in your life and art work?

It’s everything! Only instagram through, I’m sure that without it there’s no way we could have grown our little business. Almost all of our customers/stockists/collaborators find us though instagram. Besides our business account we don’t really do social media, we never use our personal facebooks and we don’t have Twitter, Snapchat etc.

What does an average day look like for you?

Average day for us would be waking up (first at about 5am by our cat running around the house and then again at 9ish) and cooking breakfast together, we’ll probably do some emailing, answer instagram messages and make a plan for the day at the same time. Then it’s a solid day of sitting at our dusty desk working, usually in clay. While we work we listen to music, or binge watch tv series. We have subscriptions to every streaming service which we see as ‘business expenses’. It’s terrible because we work so much we end up watching so many box sets… There’s usually something to take to the post office so we’ll do that at 4ish, then back to the desk. Usually have a beer or glass of wine around 6ish, still working probably unless we’re going out of it’s really sunny outside. Then we have dinner, after that it’s either more wine or more work- occasionally both. Repeat MondayFriday. It’s a very healthy lifestyle, lots of TV and wine… In all seriousness though we do love our jobs and the freedom we get, we wouldn’t rather do anything else!

Glitter boots.png

How’s your cute kitty!?

The cutest!! She’s a little bit skinny and scruffy, being a farm cat and all but it’s her personality that really makes her the cutest cat around. We love having her keep us company while we work, she has a little perch on our desk she likes to keep an eye on us from. If we get overworked and stressed out giving her a cuddle usually helps.

Liv & Dom’s work can be found on their website or on instagram @livanddom

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