What to do when you’re home sick

This past month I have been sick to my stomach and sick with the flu. While I was home from work I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.

Sometimes I feel like it can be hard to justify staying home and hard to know how to take care of yourself. These are just a few tips and tricks to make you feel better.

1. Occupy Your Body / Hands

Courtesy of Huffingtonpost.com

This could be anything really but when I’m sick I like to color in a coloring book because you can stay in bed but at least you’re not just lying there. When I am inactive for too long I feel very jittery and the pains I have feel worse when I do move. Here are some other fun in-bed activities:

  • Knit / Other Crafts
  • Stretch
  • Cook (if you can)
  • Bathe
  • Do your Makeup or Hair

2. Avoid Loneliness

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Call your mom, text your friends, talk to your aunt on Facebook. Definitely talk to someone because when you’re sick! If you have someone home with you that’s even better, have them hang out with you or help take care of you if they’re willing. Many times when I’ve had the flu I have felt very disconnected from the world and that doesn’t feel so good.

3. Stimulate Your Mind

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Again, this is broad. What I mean when I say this is that your brain is not meant to sit all day watching Netflix. One of my favorite sick day activities is to watch TED Talks or read an article of something at least mildly important, this usually keeps me stimulated enough. Here are some more stimulating activities:

  • Read a Book
  • Write in a Journal
  • Try to Solve Puzzles

4. Rest

Courtesy of Irishtimes.com

And finally, rest. This one is absolutely necessary of course. Sick days are also a great opportunity to finally watch all those movies on your movie list!

Key Points

Above all, my best advice for what to do when you’re home sick is to listen to your body. Many times I have tried to clean or work out or stay active in general while sick and ended up extending my sickness for days. Light activity, rest, medication and nutrition are all key to regaining health and getting back to your regular life!

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