Homemade Face Masks

Over the years and years of trying to find good masks I’ve found that the best ingredients can be those found in the kitchen.

My skin type would most likely be described as “combination” so I never knew what would work for me. But I wanted to include the best ingredients for oily, dry or combination skin. These can all be left on for 10-15 minutes before being rinsed off.

Dry Skin29513399_1270693189730086_2044305915_o


  1. One Avocodo
  2. Two teapoons of plain yogurt
  3. Two teaspoons of honey

To create this mask:

  • Mix everything together

Avocado is great for dry skin as it is nourishing and moisturizing. In addition to this I usually include honey in all face masks not only to hold things together but because it has great toxin cleansing properties.

Oily Skin29404723_1270693173063421_458660358_o


  1. One egg yolk
  2. One tablespoon of honey
  3. One tablespoon of olive oil
  4. One half cup of oats

To create this mask:

  • Combine egg yolk, honey and olive oil together
  • Mix in oats

Egg yolks sounds kind of gross but they do help tighten the skin. The olive oil is essential because oil attracts oil meaning it should help make the skin less oily after use. And finally the oats to keep everything together and sooth the pores.

Combination Skin29390965_1270693156396756_75416402_o


  1. One banana
  2. One teaspoon of honey
  3. One teaspoon full fat milk

To create this mask:

  • Mash banana
  • Mix in full fat milk and honey

Obviously this is my favorite because it is made for my skin type, but it really is a great mask. The milk helps moisturize my dry spots while the banana helps nourish skin. The honey is really what sops up most of the oil without completely drying my skin out. For added effect I will sometimes add a small bit of lemon juice to free my face of even more oil.

In addition I try to make sure all my ingredients are organic if possible because I am putting it on my skin after all. Each ingredients has a purpose and eventually I hope to get good enough to make my own recipes specifically catered to my skin.

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