Interview With Liv & Dom

In this interview I asked Liv & Dom a bit about being twins, their kitty and their average day. Liv & Dom are twins from Sussex who create fun and imaginative ceramic ladies. These ceramic ladies are popular for their sassy poses and multiple uses as anything from incense holders to magnets. What is it […]

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My Urban Vegetable Garden

When I first dreamt of starting my own garden I thought it would be pretty easy. I thought that in my tiny apartment I could fit a whole bunch of plants with no problem. And in the end… oh did I have a few problems. I hope by writing this I can help a few […]

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Interview with Sarah Glenn

Sarah Glenn and I talked about some of her projects and development as an artist during our recent text conversation. Sarah Glenn is known for her ecommerce work on sites like and as well as her great artistic eye for photography and styling. Originally from Boise, Idaho Sarah is now based in New […]

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Homemade Face Masks

Over the years and years of trying to find good masks I’ve found that the best ingredients can be those found in the kitchen. My skin type would most likely be described as “combination” so I never knew what would work for me. But I wanted to include the best ingredients for oily, dry or […]

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