Interview with Emma Orlow

This month I talked with Emma Orlow about her upcoming projects as well as her start in “Food Art.”
Emma Orlow is a native of New York City. Her art has an interesting twist that you wouldn’t expect.
How did you realize what you want to do?
In school I studied “Food Art as Body Politics”, a major I got to make myself through a special program at NYU. At first I definitely didn’t see the connection and they felt like 2 really different interests. I was studying food studies and then taking a ton of art theory related classes. One day I realized that most of the artists I was obsessed with were working with food in some capacity. Once I allowed myself to say I was interested in this really niche thing, that is art experience that relate to food I kept delving more and more into it and realized so much of the writing and art were already related. In high school I was doing a lot of editorial internships (PAPER, NYLON, Refinery29 etc). Then in college I was doing internships in curatorial departments of museums. It was only towards the tailend that I started freelancing for chefs and various supper clubs. Working with food, and getting paid to do so, felt like such a privilege. To have your hands in such a natural material for hours on end. As for Scratch ‘n Sniff Studio, I wanted a space for all of the works I was finding and making that were specifically art related to food. At first just a way for me to track all of the information I was finding. It flourished from there and now is an actual business where I produce art related food experiences with artists.
What’s your favorite project that you’ve done?
It was a real privilege to have the Scratch ‘n Sniff Studio launch at the Space Ninety 8 in Williamsburg. We made all these crazy edible sculptures and raised a lot of money for El Fondo Resiliencia.
What upcoming projects do you have planned?
I am working on an open source egg hunt for April. Anyone can participate! The idea is basically that so many of the religious holidays that month really value egg symbolism, so much so that eggs become a certain talisman. I am asking people to make something in an egg container of some sort (plastic egg cups, recycled egg cartons, piecing back together shells, etc) and inside the vessel leave some sort of miniature art. Everything will need to be hidden in place by April 2nd and then I am creating a map with all of the little vessels for people to find around Brooklyn.
Emma’s work can be found on her instagram @Emorlow

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