Celebrate Easter like an adult

This year is the first year that I’ve been away from my family. My mom always made every holiday, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, special for me and my brothers. I wanted to do the same this for my boyfriend, he is my family now. I want to start these traditions with my new family just as my mom did with us.

There were several parts of Easter Sunday when we were kids. Brunch, the basket and the Easter egg hunt.

Although I haven’t told him yet, I plan to make my boyfriend a brunch with breakfast pizza, fruits of all sorts and most importantly mimosas. The time spent at brunch is a time to relax and plan the day so I’m excited to do this for him.

The basket is my favorite part because there’s nothing more fun than waking up to a bunch of candy! This year I told him to make me a basket and spend no more than $25 and that I would do the same.


Inside his basket I put mostly candy with a few extra things I know he has been wanting. There’s funner stuff I could have gotten him but really — he wanted vitamin C! My other idea was to get him maybe some paint markers or other little things he enjoys but I kept it simple this year. 29357126_1266578763474862_5128819279369601024_o

Unfortunately this year I’m not doing an Easter egg hunt because I’m not sure what I’d do and can’t think of what I’d put in the eggs for an adult. I was thinking little bottles of alcohol, candy (obviously), dollar bills, small gift cards, and things like that. Maybe next year!

Whether it’s for your friends, significant other, family or coworkers celebrating is always worth the small amount of money it costs. It’s always nice to take a break from the monotony of a full time job, cooking, and cleaning because it’s easy to get stuck in a schedule and never have any fun. I think everybody should do this because it’s not very expensive but it’s really fun to celebrate holidays like a little kid.

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