9 of the Best plants to Grow Indoors

When considering house plants it is important to consider what it really takes to keep them alive. I hear things like “I’m a plant murderer, I can never keep my plants alive,” all the time. But anyone can keep plants alive and I think it’s worth it to know how because flowers and other plants can really liven up a space.

Air Purifying Plants

1. ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum-Pink

These beautiful plants are easier to grow and keep alive than most and are rated one of the highest in air cleaning. They do like a lot of sun and good drainage to keep them clean. Other than this they are fairly self sufficient and a pretty addition to any home.

2. Prayer Lilliepeace_lily_outdoors_0

Prayer lilies do not require a lot of sunlight which can be very convenient for small homes with limited window space. Their air cleaning quality is also top-notch and is rated as one of the highest. The don’t like to be overwatered so for people who often forget to water houseplants these work pretty well.

3. Boston FernDSC_1208-600x600.jpg

This plant is your run of the mill house plant but again can really help with stuffy or unclean air in a home. I like these because they normally hang which is a nice touch. They need indirect light in a cool, humid area so don’t put them over a heater or right by a window.

Easy to Grow Plants

4. HoyaHoya-carnosa-Wax-Plant2

Hoya is known for being very easy to grow. The main thing with them is to make sure they are in a pot with plenty of drainage and do not over water. Otherwise growing these should be smooth sailing!

5. Succulents and Cactisucculent-2-assorted-succulents-1_2000x.jpg

We’ve all tried to grow succulents and cacti inside and thought that it would be easy. I know eventually mine always died. I found out this is because I had them in regular potting soil with no drainage and over water them. The key to these is to have them in a mixture of sand and potting soil in a well drained container. Succulents like to be drenched with water then left to dry out completely, so only water once a week at the most. Cacti need very little water. So with this information at mind they can be very easy and low maintenance.

6. Snake Planthow-to-care-for-a-snake-plant

Snake plants are often the plant of choice for small apartments or homes with little indirect sunlight. You really only need to worry about not overwatering and having proper drainage as they plants are prone to rot.

Useful Plants

7. Lavender14412288_m

Lavender can look very lovely in a home and has multiple uses thanks to it’s fragrant calming smell. It is easy to grow and can be harvested to cooking, medicinal and many other uses.

8. Mint1200px-Mint

Mint is fun because it grows like a weed. We all know of it’s many uses and it’s fairly easy to grow even indoors. It must be kept wet and get plenty of sunlight.

9. Aloe Veraaloe-vera

Aloe vera is also very prone to rot so allow soil to dry out a bit behind waterings. This makes aloe vera very easy to grow and take care of because it only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks. After fully grown it can be used for burns, cooking, and a few other things, very useful plant.

With this information you can see that there are plants that are right for anybody it’s just a matter of your space and what you’re comfortable dealing with.

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