Artshack Brooklyn Offers Classes for Students of All Ages

A few weeks ago I stopped by Artshack Brooklyn to get a feel for their space and I was not disappointed.

28879902_1259223484210390_2147480453_o.jpg First let me start by giving you a little bit of a back story. Artshack is a registered 501 c(3) business that teaches ceramics to children and adults alike.

The space was founded by McKendree Key and Dany Rose with the purpose of strengthening critical-thinking skills through creativity.

“Although our students create beautiful lasting pieces, our focus is on skills rather than finished products,” says “the steps often overlap and blur, and their order is sometimes reversed—it’s a creative, fluid way of working that is adapted to each individual situation.”

They teach every thing you can think of: hand building, wheel throwing, glazing, plaster mold making and slipcasting.


When I came in it was a rainy Sunday but instructors and children were still hard at work. The space was welcoming and warm and there were places to sit and wait for assistance.


Most importantly this space is a community landmark seeking to help out the children and schools around them.


One of these endeavors is their upcoming Feast on Saturday, April 14th. The feast will be to benefit Bedford Academy High School. What is special about this particular event is that dinner will be served on 30 hand-made place setting created exclusively for this event by: Simone Kearney, Valerie Hegarty,Vivian Chen, Michaela Martello, Elisa Soliven, Heather Hart, Lindsey Schneider, David Hollingsworth, Zena Pesta, Georgia Elrod, Adams Puryear, Frances Jin & Stefan Hoza, Dan Mandelbaum, Rotem Linial, Raphaela Melsohn, Nicole Awai, Ash Donnelly, Shane Aslan Selzer, Dany Rose, Risa Puno, James Ulmer, Susumu Kamijo, McKendree Key, Kaitlyn Stubbs, MasonSaltarrelli, Anthony Miler, Kambui Olujimi, Rachel Frank, Jenna Ransom, Esperanza Mayobre, David Antonio Cruz.aprilfeast

I would suggest attending this event if possible because the money goes towards a good cause and it will be lots of fun. Not only that, but there are still tickets available for dinner, the after party, and your choice of place setting. If you can’t be there for the feast I’d say it’s still worth a visit!

More information can be found on

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