Interview with Stacy Silva

Stacy Silva and I talked about culture, crafting and her obsession of spheres in this interview.
Stacy Silva is an Austin based artist of Mexican ancestry. Her artwork often depicts females with unique features and surreal backgrounds.
Where are you from? Does that affect your art / who you are?
I was born in Austin, both of my parents are from Mexico. I grew up feeling like i was really different and I always tried to minimize my roots in order to fit in (there wasn’t many brown kids at the school I went to) so now I try to embrace it and tend to draw mostly women of color. I also feel like I have a weird/unique face so I really like to draw femmes who have unique features.
What are some things that inspire you?
I’m mostly inspired by surreal art. I feel like the whole point of art is to give you a new point of view and its even better when its something impossible. At the moment i’m really obsessed with spheres for some reason. Also, space.starballfinal-01What do you do in your free time?
Usually I try and paint or draw as much as possible, if I’m not doing that I’m usually laying in bed with my dog thinking of something to draw or how i’m gonna execute the rest of a painting or project. My boyfriend and I love to travel so we try and squeeze in as many trips as our schedule allows.
How did you start making art?
I have always felt really creative. When I was a kid I loved doing crafts. I mostly grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere and had strict parents so I spent ALOT of time alone in my bedroom. I would spend hours in my bedroom sewing or painting really silly and terrible paintings.
What is your process?
I usually only do portraits, so just finding or taking a good reference photo first.Sometimes I’ll have a perfectly laid out plan and other times I’ll just figure it out as I go.  I always start with the skin, then hair and eyes last.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
That’s such a scary question. I hope to see myself with a really nice studio, 10 extra years of skill, and hopefully lots of really really good ideas. I picture myself being in my late 30’s and just really knowing myself and exactly what I want.
Stacy’s work can be found at or on her instagram @Nvtureofmind

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