Interview with Ashley Ronning

Risograph, college and wobbly guitars; Ashley Ronning opens up about her life and work as an 6 hamilton base.jpg
Ashley Ronning is an illustrator based in Brunswick, Melbourne. She studied graphic Design at Shillington College and is the creator of Helio Press, a risograph publishing project. She has worked in freelance design as well as prop making and set dressing. Her artwork is incredibly colorful and often gives off a nostalgic feeling (at least for me).
Can you tell me a little bit about Helio Press and how you started risograph printing?

Helio Press is a risograph printing studio and DIY publishing project. Our ultimate aim is to teach people about the amazing medium of risograph, and empower them to use riso to its best abilities! I first learnt about risograph when I saw a show called Risographica at Lamington Drive. Soon after that I got a zine cover done with riso, and straight away I was completely hooked.
How do you like to keep your work space, are you a very organized person?
I am organised in my own messy way, I know exactly where everything is, but to an outsider it would look like a pretty messy space. Its bright, colourful, messy chaos, like the inside of my 10 protea
How did university affect you as an artist?

I studied graphic design at a small design school called Shillington College, and totally loved it. They had a really hands-on, practical, industry approach to teaching, and I think that really impacted my work in a great way. I use tools I learnt there every day.
What is your favorite thing to illustrate?

Lately I love drawing wobbly guitars and pencils, but I also love drawings places, spacecraft, houses, food… lots of stuff!
What mediums have you worked with?
Right now I love risograph, coloured pencils and ink, but I also use watercolour, gouache and fine liners.
tdk 7 guitar pedal
What projects do you have coming up?

I’m about to start an album cover for a friend’s band and illustrations for a book on how to not kill your houseplants!
Ashley’s work can be found on or on her instagram @Ashleyronning

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