Interview with Emma Orlow

This month I talked with Emma Orlow about her upcoming projects as well as her start in “Food Art.” Emma Orlow is a native of New York City. Her art has an interesting twist that you wouldn’t expect. How did you realize what you want to do? In school I studied “Food Art as Body […]

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Celebrate Easter like an adult

This year is the first year that I’ve been away from my family. My mom always made every holiday, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, special for me and my brothers. I wanted to do the same this for my boyfriend, he is my family now. I want to start these traditions with my new family […]

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Interview with Tom Galle

While in New York I met with Tom Galle at a small Cafe in Manhattan. We talked commodified Christ, some of his early projects and how to art world works. Tom Galle is originally from Belgium but is now based in New York City. His work is recognized world wide and interpreted in many different […]

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Interview with Stacy Silva

Stacy Silva and I talked about culture, crafting and her obsession of spheres in this interview. Stacy Silva is an Austin based artist of Mexican ancestry. Her artwork often depicts females with unique features and surreal backgrounds. Where are you from? Does that affect your art / who you are? I was born in Austin, […]

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