9 of the Best plants to Grow Indoors

When considering house plants it is important to consider what it really takes to keep them alive. I hear things like “I’m a plant murderer, I can never keep my plants alive,” all the time. But anyone can keep plants alive and I think it’s worth it to know how because flowers and other plants can really liven up a space. Air Purifying Plants 1. … Continue reading 9 of the Best plants to Grow Indoors

Artshack Brooklyn Offers Classes for Students of All Ages

A few weeks ago I stopped by Artshack Brooklyn to get a feel for their space and I was not disappointed.  First let me start by giving you a little bit of a back story. Artshack is a registered 501 c(3) business that teaches ceramics to children and adults alike. The space was founded by McKendree Key and Dany Rose with the purpose of strengthening … Continue reading Artshack Brooklyn Offers Classes for Students of All Ages

Interview with Stacy Silva

Stacy Silva and I talked about culture, crafting and her obsession of spheres in this interview. Stacy Silva is an Austin based artist of Mexican ancestry. Her artwork often depicts females with unique features and surreal backgrounds. Where are you from? Does that affect your art / who you are? I was born in Austin, both of my parents are from Mexico. I grew up … Continue reading Interview with Stacy Silva

Interview with Ashley Ronning

Risograph, college and wobbly guitars; Ashley Ronning opens up about her life and work as an artist. Ashley Ronning is an illustrator based in Brunswick, Melbourne. She studied graphic Design at Shillington College and is the creator of Helio Press, a risograph publishing project. She has worked in freelance design as well as prop making and set dressing. Her artwork is incredibly colorful and often … Continue reading Interview with Ashley Ronning