What’s in My Bag

I know I’m probably a little late to the party but I wanted to share what I keep in my bag daily.

What's in my Bag.png

1. Portable Charger, Cable and USB Converter

Recently I invested in an Aukey Portable Charger, it has enough power to fully charge my phone around 8 times over but it only cost me $35. It’s a little big but I live in a city and don’t have a car so I needed a powerful portable charger in case my phone dies and I need to find directions home. I also keep the USB Converter so I can plug it in to the wall if possible.

2. A Book

I always keep a book on me for the subway or bus because I get bored and also don’t want people to talk to me in public. By reading daily I have found that my vocabulary gets better and I’m less scattered.

3. ChapStick

I don’t actually use ChapStick but I keep it in case. I think that using it makes your lips dryer eventually so you will use more product, but sometimes it’s necessary.

4. Keys and Fobs

I bring these everywhere I go because I’m so afraid of losing them, this is also why I have a whole lanyard. I really like the Tile as well because I never lose my keys and if I lose my phone I can also find it through the Tile.

5. Ear Muffs

My ears get very cold to the point of pain so I never ever leave the house without these, even when it’s not winter.

6. Notebook

Keeping a notebook makes it possible to write down all my ideas at any time. I also use it for work because I prefer to physically write things down rather than type something out.

7. Gift Cards

I don’t always keep gift cards but I always try to use any I have before using my own money. Along with this I try to never lose them so I always keep them on me.

8. Wint-O-Green Mints

Mints are my favorite thing to keep on me because I drink coffee all day and it leaves my breath really nasty so these are literally life savers.

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