I Moved 3000 Miles on a Whim… And it Was Worth it

I was never really content in Los Angeles, I had a great job, a good place to live, I went to a good school but that all felt like besides the point to me.

A very awkward picture of me when I was living in Los Angeles in 2015

Here are the reasons Los Angeles did not work for me:

1. The city itself should have never been built in the first place

A fire in the middle of the day for no reason… again

I always thought it was a little odd that Los Angeles was built in the middle of a desert on a fault line. This means; it doesn’t have its own water source, constant fires, earthquakes, gas leaks… the list goes on. Sure the weathers nice, but the air is poison thanks to the overpopulation. Oh! And good luck with that water bill.

2. Los Angeles was impossible to afford, from rent to groceries to parking


The average rent, according to rentcafe.com, is over $2,000 just for a one bedroom. The city is 4,751 square miles which is more than enough space for rent to be cheaper. Another charming detail is that if you look out your window almost anywhere you’re bound to see the mass of homeless people that reside in every corner of Los Angeles.

3. Lack of; small businesses, public transportation, everything that makes life familiar and easy


Okay, I know that’s a little broad but what I mean is that getting anywhere to do anything is expensive, ugly, and difficult. You must drive absolutely everywhere through traffic with your $4/gallon gas just to pay $15 to park. And you can bet when you get there you aren’t the only one, there is always a million other people no matter where you are.

4. The general aesthetic of the people, houses, buildings… the city’s look in general


Los Angeles is known for its hippy, lantinx-inspired, new money look. Everyone from your boss to his grandma smokes weed and they’ll let you know. I hate the sun-kissed Instagram makeup girls and club-promoter guys. I hate hearing about EDC and the Kardashians daily and I hate that people talk so much about their money.

Now, here are the reasons Philadelphia does work for me

1. Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in this country, it’s full of history


Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods and all of them have their own history. The city is known for its outstanding park system, lakes, bridges and statues. There are over 50 museums and countless other historic landmarks to document this. Many of the stores and schools are also very old and established.

2. Cost of living is actually doable

Live in a beautiful old building for almost nothing in rent

Philadelphia’s average one bedroom rent: $1,350/month, according to rentcafe. I spend half as much on groceries, my bus pass is $100/month and my bills are included. Not to mention even entertainment is cheaper i.e. museums, restaurants, local places, nature.

3. Philadelphia is close to everything


New York, D.C, Baltimore and lots of other cities are within two hours of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is also a great state in its own right with beautiful forests, amish country, Hershey park, great skiing, natural lakes, and King of Prussia mall (second largest mall in America).

4. The community and people are honest and willing to help

After the Eagles won the Super Bowl we all came together to celebrate

East coasters have a bad reputation for being “mean”. While I could see it that way I always thought of it as honest. If I looked bad someone would tell me, not to be rude, but to help. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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