Interview With Sheidlina

Sheidlina talks Russia, DIY, and inspiration in our interview. Her work is an inspiration to many and her creativity is admirable. She has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1.9 million subscribers on Youtube.


Ellen Sheidlin, an Instagram model and Youtuber, has created work ranging in theme from unicorns to ghosts. She is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and often works with other artists and models like Plaaastic, Allison Harvard and more.

Where are you from and how has that affected your art?

I live in russia, Saint-Petersburg, its a big city with rich culture, different style of architectures, buildings and locations. 

Where did you begin and how did you get all these skills? 

I began with photos to sell my clothes. I was being clothes, DIY it and then making cool shots to sell it, thats how it brings me to the internet. Then I’ve started to shooting myself in different positions with different clothes. People began recognising my style and thats made me popular 


Where do you find inspiration? 

Everywhere, it can be strange accessories, haircut, unusual appearance, oversize clothes, creepy locations, interesting movie/cartoon, the song or music clip. 

I hear you have a fiance, do you work together?

Yes thats true, he is my inspiration and support. 

4A8A9099 2.jpg

What’s your process when making art?

Usually I choose one thing and then start to imagine what it could be if.. im dreaming about parallel universes, then I understand which staff so I need to make a photo or to create an art, Im looking for all this thing and my friends help me a lot because sometimes I need reallyy strange thing. Like old tv or dried insects.

What kind of people have you worked with?

They are talented, creative and open minded people.


What do you do in your free time?

Snowboard, drawing, sleeping with my kitten, im really «stay in home»person 

What plans do you have for the future?

I want to travel all around the world with my installation and make own clothing line.

Ellen Sheidlin’s work can be found on instagram @Sheidlina or on youtube @Elena Sheidlin

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