Backlog: Interview with Talia Migliaccio

In this interview Talia Migliaccio and I talk spirituality, travel and connection.

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Talia Migliaccio is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Colorado. Her art work often feature natural figures and shapes.

Do you think you fit into the stereotypical Colorado archetype of spiritual? Are you a spiritual person?

My work is absolutely rooted in a spiritual lens. But it also all just depends how one categorizes and defines things. I am most often working to anchor the spirit or energy of an experience into an image. To bridge the world of the spiritual and material. To actualize the languages of the unseen.

Do you feel like your own work is spiritual in any kind of way?

I mean yeah of course. I think being human is a really spiritual experience in general. I think it depends how one is to categorize that. I definitely feel like my work is more of a channel and a visualization for anchoring the forces that be that are like not as seen and known but a lot of those energies are just like bigger energies around us from celestial to like the more microbial energies of plants. I think it could be looked at as spiritual but I think it’s also just like really ancestral philosophies that have been here for a really long time. I guess I look at it more that way and I think the ancestry of people on this planet tends to deal with both the material and spiritual realms really fluidly.

Do you think that travelling ever affects your art or you as a person? Does that create a discourse?

Travel has played such a significant roll in my evolution as an artist and person. So much so that my growth feels completely merged with traveling both literally around the earth and internally through different planes of consciousness.

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Do you feel a connection to most people you meet? Are you more people centered or are you focused on mostly other things?

I absolutely love people and feel an ability to genuinely connect with anyone. I really believe that we are not all as different as we are caught into perceiving. That innately we are all quite similar with simultaneous infinite complexity however for whatever reason we have created an immense amount of judgement towards one another that seems do debilitate our opportunity to connect.

I am focused on people and other things. My larger focus in life is in considering how we as people can adapt our experience of consciousness so that we may interact with the greater Earth community in a more harmonic manner because as of right now we are truly facing the imminent demise of our species along with many others.

How have you found balance? Do you feel completely in balance or do portions of your life need work?

Finding balance is a constant daily practice. I would not say that I have arrived and stayed there by any means. I find balance through staying present – mediation – variable creative outlets – caring for my body – all of these small daily practices that keep more mindful and help me to stay awake and aware. There is always room for improvement.

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Did you do art when you were little?

Absolutely. Art has been with me longer than I am able to remember.

What was growing up like for you? Did you always feel like you belonged or were you alienated?

I’m still growing up and I also grew up really quickly. My parents seperated when I was 3 and I spent a lot of time with my dad’s mother. My grandmother was truly my best friend. We spent a lot of time making things – going to museums – going to metaphysical stores – in the backyard etc. My parents were both around and active in my life but also very enmeshed in their experiences. My dad owned nightclubs during my early childhood which gave me a lot of exposure to adult content that parents would typically attempt to hide from their kids. I was never treated lesser than the adults around me – nothing was hidden from me. We also traveled quite a bit from a very early age in my life. So there has been constant movement for me since the beginning. Alongside traveling I also moved between three different houses throughout the week. This made me provided me with a lot of adaptability and also internal struggle with stability and home. I felt extremely trapped by being a child – it was hands down the most challenging period of my life – at least from my current perspective – needing to be so codependent on others and having constant authority over my being was definitely not my cup of tea. As independent as everyone in my family is they’ve also never been anything but very supportive and loving. I feel like I have come to earth on a mission – it’s a feeling that has been with me as long as my current memory stands – as if I am here to work and really assist in the movement of consciousness so in that way I don’t feel like I belong but also that I belong entirely and fully. Because at the end of the day all is one and infinitely interrelated.

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Do you like to stick to one medium or branch out?

I’ve always very much enjoyed exploring different mediums when it comes to making art. I’ve worked with everything from sound and video to wood and metal. I’m fascinated by the way creativity can intersect and animate different materials. In recent years I’ve predominantly been tattooing – writing and drawing as they are the practices that I’ve found to be easiest to travel with.

Where do you think your career is headed? You think you’ll continue to tattoo forever?

Ultimately I don’t know – life is a mystery. I think that I will absolutely continue to tattoo throughout my life. I don’t see it as the core part of my career that will expand. I would ultimately love to be working with people on a much larger scale – creating environments through multiple creative disciplines that can provide consciousness expansion and education. I dream of co-creating a global network of alternative immersive and experiential education centers that function through the crossroads of technology, art and spirituality.

Talia’s Work can be found at or on her Instagram @Taliamigliaccio

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