Backlog: Interview with GFOTY

During my interview with GFOTY this past summer we discussed her love for the culinary arts, her past relationships and her odd phobia.IMG_0143

GFOTY (Girlfriend of the Year) is based out of the U.K. She was one of the primary founders of the record label “PC Music.” She has been regarded in many ways and is arguable seen as more “human” than her PC Music counterparts. She certainly is not afraid to speak on club culture or certain social politics.

What’s your morning routine? What do you do everyday?

Ok so, I wake up at kind of 12:30. Yeah, roughly that time with my boyfriend and maybe we’ll do some stuff together. And then we’ll decide what to eat and probably about 4 p.m. generally get pizza. Or like maybe I’ll get a frappuccino if we decide to go up the road. I don’t know how long that like… takes, cause that can take 20 minutes out of my day. Then I guess I’ll have like a drink or two… smoke some cigarettes. Oh! Well I have a cigarette before anything, sorry I’ll always have a cigarette first. And then depending on if I’m going out I’ll have a shower. But usually I’ll just go back to sleep and do the same over again. Yeah, so that’s it.

Do you live with your boyfriend?

No, no but we say that because we spend like every night together. No. I’d like him to.

So when do you work on music?

When the time is right. So basically if I’m in an airport that might be the easiest place to write lyrics. Cause it’s kind of like a no man’s land and I’m always on my own usually when I’m at the airport. That’s always my favorite place to do stuff. Or just like when I’m walking around so I kind of do that then I’ll write stuff down when I’m alone. So that’s when it happens. Musically, yeah, I guess stuff just kind comes into my head.

So walking around and seeing things is how you get inspired?

Essentially, cause all thoughts in my head have feeling and if something works out then that’s how it’ll go. But it’s never like I have a sit down time where I like move away and like think, “oh I need to write some lyrics.” They come like pretty quickly and then like me and Alex (AG Cook) kind of do everything. Pretty quickly, like the last album was done in 2 days. Completely, everything, from start to finish, done in two days. Kind of like 12 in the daytime to three a.m. two days in a row. Done.

Courtesy of

Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

I kind of wake up and smoke and live my life in coffee. And then when it gets to kind of like eating time, I kind of eat from then until I go to sleep. Just kind of like non-stop but kind of just like lots of sweets like wine gums. Chewable fruit pastels, kind of like Starbursts. I can be healthy, I do go through fazes but like not at the moment. All of these things kind of add together but I feel pretty health, like I could run a mile. I used to, I did exercise a lot for a while. I do wanna get rid of this adult acne but it’s fun to stroke.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Different music for different times really. I’ve been listening to The Beatles a lot actually. I’ve been listening to my music a bit too much probably. Yeah, that’s been a thing. Madness, this really good UK band, kind of like ’80s, they’re really good. Obviously like Scooter, I’ve kind of gone off Scooter for a bit. More into winter kind of relaxed music. Then Scooter does kind of come back to me every now and then. They make you wanna bang. I’ve just discovered the band called Nada Surf. I’ve just discovered them like last month, they’ve got a really good song about a guy called Johnny and that’s my boyfriend’s name. It’s about getting the hunk called Johnny.

When you do music videos how do you come up with the concepts?

Um, right. I mean like VIPOTY was a short film. So I came up with a storyline essentially like you would with a film. Then kind of like, basically directed the whole video. I wouldn’t really call it a music video but we made the storyline before hand then we made the music. Then like the new ones coming out, I mean like, it just makes sense with the song. So the arguments gonna be like phone conversation between me and myself, in two different states. One of me being kind of like sad and one of me being really happy. Yeah I mean like how do people come up with music videos? The thing is I really hate when people take control of what I wanna do. So I avoid that as much as I can. The Poison one’s gonna be really really good but I didn’t have as much say in it. I really trust the guy who’s doing it, he’s like one of my best friends. I guess we kind of like have worked together.

Courtesy of PC Music on Youtube

Cliche’ one: How did you start doing all this?

I had a blog ages ago when I had a boyfriend, I didn’t wanna be with him anymore so I cheated on him. I kind of felt kind of guilty inside so I started It was just a site of crap tips for girls about how to get a boyfriend. There’s a magazine called Super Super that contacted me and asked if I wanted to contribute as Girl Friend of the Year. They asked me to do a fashion piece on like early 2000s fashion which I think is rubbish. Not the fashion, I’m really not into talking about fashion. I wrote an article called “How to Get a Guy Like Ryan Atwood from the OC.” That happened and then the editor decided to give me the job as deputy online writer. Then me and Alex as kids, cause I went to school with him, always just made songs on Garageband so he was like, “we should do something as GFOTY.” Then that kind of formed like that, it all started with writing which I’ve always loved the most.

How did you meet everyone else?

I went to school with Danny L. Harle , Alex, Easy Fun. I’ve known Daniel since I was like four. Alex since I was like eleven, I’ve always been like very good friends with them.

And then you met like whoever else, like Hannah Diamond and…

She used to kind of work for the magazine with us. So she worked at a different part then I got Alex to work with us too. We all kind of like met together along the way.

So you all lived in London and like went to school there?

Me, Alex and Daniel did. Hannah came from somewhere else then moved to London for university.

Courtesy of PC Music on Twitter

So the look that you have is very ‘I’ll kill you, love me!’

I mean yeah I feel very unloved. Maybe if I had therapy I’d be really bad. But I really just feel like people should love me and I feel like I should let them know that and that’s the best way to do that- through aggression.

It’s much different from the whiny songs. I like the alternative of demanding love.

Exactly! That’s how I feel like, yeah, people need to know that. And I feel like they’re beginning to.

It’s very relatable and it’s very powerful.

That’s the thing, it’s to make people feel good about themselves and feel like powerful and like strong. You’re in control, you’re allowed to be a psychopath. It’s mad how like guys are never called crazy like that. If you put out that you’re like that then it’s the guy’s own fault for choosing you. You need to love me or I’m gonna poison you.

Along those same lines, do you have any crazy ex-boyfriend stories?

The last- not the last one but the one before was pretty mental. He just kind of like presumed that I was cheating on him which I had never. Like if I went to the bathroom he had presumed I was doing coke secretly which I’ve never done as well. If I was talking to a friend from school who was a girl he’d be like, “ah, you’re talking to a girl now you’re a lesbian, that’s what it is.” Just like mental stuff, he basically made me sit with him for a whole year. I was so scared of going out because he would constantly think I was doing something wrong. It was kind of good at the same time because he did buy me a bunch of stuff to stay with him. Which was pretty good at the time. He made all these fake Instagram accounts which I’m still like sure he’s doing now. My account isn’t even private so I don’t know why he’s made these extra accounts to spy on me.

So weird.

He turned up on Valentine’s day, I had broken up with him in January. He didn’t live in England and he flew over on Valentine’s day to come like surprise me. He came with like a 1500 pound Prada bag and I didn’t want that shit. That was like the craziest one, the other ones have just cheated on me lots.

If the female archetype is crazy, the male archetype is like a cheater.

Exactly. That’s precisely it. He did that and it’s made my trust issues really bad for no reason. Now I feel bad for my new boyfriend, but I do trust him. See, more reasons why I need to see a therapist. I also want to get to the bottom of why I hate organic food packaging, why I’m scared of it.

Courtesy of GFOTY on Twitter

What were you doing before GFOTY?

I created the genre called ‘Weed Metal.’ It’s basically just based on smoking weed and liking metal. I actually hated smoking weed.

Do you smoke weed now?

I don’t but I pretend I do. So it’s more just that I think people who smoke weed are really funny. As in, not actually, I don’t think their personalities are funny. I think it’s like a really hysterically weird, lame thing. I can’t explain it, I really can’t explain what it is about it. Anyway so yeah I created ‘Weed Metal’ and that was my thing. I used to smoke like cigars in my bedroom and think I was really hot and hardcore, but I wasn’t. It was horrible I didn’t even like cigars I just thought I looked cool but no one could see me. What else was I doing… I mean I’m a trained chef so I can cook. I’ve mostly just been trying to get a boyfriend, I really did spend a lot of my life on that.

Were you creative when you were younger?

I wrote like stories and like made stuff up, like fun little things. It’s the same as I am now, I get really obsessed with something really really quickly, get really upset with it for like two months, overly obsessed. And then I get over it really quickly, so I kind of have lots of interests in loads of places. I don’t want myself to become that so I make sure I don’t.bandsintown

So you wouldn’t ever wanna be classically trained?

I’d love to have been as a kid. Piano I can play but it’s not like I can sight-read anything, it’s more just like a hobby. It’s kind of like I want to learn the one thing I wanna learn.

Do you think talent is innate or learned?

Everyone’s definitely got a talent. I don’t think anyone can learn anything. There are writers and they’re rubbish, obviously anyone could write.  Anyone could copy someone’s writing style and write like that but if it’s not coming through the person you can tell. It could be this amazing piece of writing but if you know where it’s coming from it just doesn’t seem like the person. As long as you’ve got passion with what you’re doing then you can have a talent.

Are you only passionate about music or visual arts as well?

No, mostly music. I would like to be talented in visual arts but I’m not. I mean I have good visions in my head but can’t execute them artistically. I’m a trained chef and I can’t make anything look nice on the plate. I always think it looks good but it looks like a four year old did it. Visually I’m shit, to be fair.

Where do you see the progression of your life going?

Get married, have kids, and live in the countryside, have two dogs and a nanny… No, I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna keep going strong, I don’t know. I probably will get married about three times, get divorced. I’ll be successful in many ways. I’ve got a book coming out, it’s a self-help book. Musically, hopefully it’ll go well or I’m fucked. If all else fails I will die.

GFOTY’s work can be found at

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